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In today's rapidly evolving clinical environment, having a well informed, engaged team of Emergency Nurses is literally the difference between life and death. ExpeditionED is here to help.


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Dayna Lee Photography

Dayna Lee Williams is a nurse, photographer, wife, & mama of 3 (including Brylee, seen above in all her rainbow glory) based out of Northern California.


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简历与访谈:如何落地你的第一份工作 - Freshrn

你在完成护理学校,担心你将如何降落第一份工作?不确定要在简历上什么,戴上面试,或者需要什么样的问题?加入琥珀尼伯博,MSN RN-BC和Kati Kleber,MSN RN CCRN-K为他们的第一次护理申请人采访了数百名新毕业生护士申请人

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California State Council of ENA (Cal ENA)

The California State Council of ENA is one of the largest state councils within the ENA organization and is dedicated to defining the future of emergency nursing & emergency care through advocacy, expertise, innovation and leadership. ENA serves 41,000 members & their patients through research, publication, professional development, injury prevention & patient education.

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extelationalnurse.comis a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 resource network committed to inclusion of more people with disabilities in the nursing profession. By sharing information and resources, hopes to facilitate inclusion of students with disabilities in nursing education programs and foster resilience and continued practice for nurses who are, or become, disabled.

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Q Word Podcast与Nyssa&Lisa

A podcast for Emergency Nurses and the people who rely on them. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes emotional, and often unbelievable - like the ER itself.

Tips, taboos, and the culture of Emergency Nurses.

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Medspire Health.

Medspire a non-profit, volunteer-run organization based out of Chico, California with a mission is to inspire and instill hope in communities affected by disaster by providing free accessible non-emergent medical services through a mobile clinic. To build collaborative community partnerships to promote whole body wellness and healing.


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The New Nurse Master Class: A Self-Guided Nurse Residency - FreshRN




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东湾恩娜是我的紧急护士协会(ENA)的本地章节。体育app万博官网距离奥克兰/伯克利延伸的400多名成员和地理领地,到萨克拉门托,Ebena是您唯一的East Bay湾选择所有紧急护士教育,网络和专业发展需求。

Come hang out at one of our many events or meetings. See you there!

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你的下一个转变:孕育的护理职业的播客es and Nursing Students

Your Next Shift offers a dynamic listening experience. Host Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN has strategically crafted a program that provides both practical strategies and inspiring nursing career stories.

Weekly episodes present listeners with mindset shifts to be themselves and career techniques to do their best. Guest interviews illustrate the importance of showing up as ourselves in our work, while giving us concrete methods to do so. Your Next Shift, which informs, educates and up-levels our nursing career, certainly is cutting edge in the healthcare environments of today.

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RN Interview Tools

RNInterview Tools于2016年2月开始作为Facebook集团,有意协助LVN,ADN,BSN,MSN,新毕业生,再入和经验丰富的注册护士在过饱和市场中的土地工作。

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Creating a healthy work environment (HWE) enables nurses to provide the highest standards of compassionate patient care while being fulfilled at work. In fact, AACN’s data consistently shows units that are implementing HWE standards outperform those that are not in many ways. These include the overall health of the work environment, better nurse staffing and retention, less moral distress and lower rates of workplace violence. Learn more about the six HWE standards, conduct a free assessment of your unit and find the evidence-based resources needed to build and sustain an HWE.

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ENA’s #MakeItHappEN Campaign with NTN


在ena #makeithappen网站上查看它在这里!

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Athens Nurses Clinic

雅典护士诊所(ANC)是位于雅典的非营利501(c)(3)诊所,为GA提供急性和慢性医疗和牙科条件的免费评估,治疗和教育,以获得未经保险的低和无收入居民1988年以来雅典 - 克拉克县及周边社区。

Without donations, ANC could not continue to provide the quality services that it does today. Consider supporting ANC through a donation or becoming a volunteer.

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AACN,AACN,AACN,501(C)(3)非营利组织,不仅仅是世界上最大的专业护理组织 - 我们是一个特殊的急性和关键护理社区,提供坚定的专业和个人支持,以追求最佳的患者护理。

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Critical Doing: Next-Level Communication & Critical Thinking Course - FreshRN

来自我们的朋友FreshRN, the Critical Doing course teaches the art of next-level communication and critical thinking. Learn from experienced nurse and CRNA, Nick Angelis, about the art of critical thinking and how you can translate that into critical正在做.

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The art of emergency nursing is a podcast dedicated to the men and women who care for patients in emergency departments everywhere. These nurses save lives and touch hearts 12 hours at a time.